Joy Ringing at Home VID 9

Christmas season (traditional from Dec 24-Feb 2) is the best time to introduce bell ringing.  After all, the secular song “jingle bells” names the season’s excitement.  Give the kids any type of bells and tell them it’s their responsibility to “ring in the season.” Have them sound bells while singing the refrain of the Christmas carol: “Angels we have heard on high!” or “We Three King’s” during repeat, “Oo, Star of wonder, Star of night

Ringing only at the repeat, not only teaches coordinating fun with others, but also initiates a structured environment that won’t too easily get out of hand.  The same could be practiced during the fifty days of Easter: from Easter Sunday to Pentecost (some stretch it through Corpus Christi Sunday).

Don’t fret if your family isn’t a Mormon Tabernacle choir.  Use your smart phone to surf the net for Easter or Christmas faith songs and log into any audio recording or video clip.  Each time the refrain pops up, ring in the season.

Using bells as joy rings, raises the happiness quotient, transforming family fellowship into memorable encounters with God among us.  After four weeks of singing “O Come, O come Emmanuel, and ransom captive…”  Sing and ring as if you were freed from prison/captivity. Or, following the inner 40-day journey through Jesus’ desert and death, rise with him with bells on.

Home use of bells tends to prefer joy-ringing and instrumental rhythm over the signal bell function, which remind some of the rigors of school bells and buzzers. Slightly tapping an empty glass or ceramic mug with a spoon or butter knife is a less irritating way to signal the beginning of prayer or the end of a short period of silent meditation as practiced on a particular Internet celebration of the Liturgy of the hours.

Advent or Lent, perhaps most of Ordinary time, excepting major feasts, are seasons when bells may remain silent.  During these simple seasons, a focus-call bell ring may be replaced with a simple knock on the table or nearby door. Some type of a focus-call is preferred to speaking loudly over a crowd or shouting through the house. 

Bells announcing a memorable accomplishment, expressing gratitude for getting a new job, or passing a major exam could also be spontaneously introduced.  A surprise ring during the day could build excitement and encourage siblings to think of a thanksgiving prayer to the Lord for table grace.  Never be afraid to be creative and don’t worry if something goes wrong.  It’s part of living in a believing family.  Only God is perfect.

Most domestic church tools are already in the home.  More upcoming specifics.

Next Saturday: “Holy Smoke!”
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