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Full Faith & Health Experience:   Our Lady’s Street Fair St Casimir’s 1 st  for Buffalo Saturday, August 14, 2021 from 4-9pm   Catholic means universal.    Universal catholic means more than global.    Catholics are on every continent.    Rome’s Bishop personally assigns and monitors bishops in every single diocese.    Our universality, however, is more than geography.   At the Holy Eucharist, God’s Body and Blood we meet and consume Jesus.    For the next four weeks John’s Gospel reminds us: Jesus is the  living Bread from heaven.    He commanded us to eat his Body and drink his Blood weekly.    This is  how  Catholics believe.   Jesus’ Blessed Sacrament is more than receiving Holy Communion.    A first transformation of the bread and wine (transubstantiation) leads to a second.    Mass is destined to change believers across the world into a comm-union so great St Paul calls us, “Christ’s Mystical Body”.    The Sacrament is global “super glue,” holding people together, and the act

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