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When the Saints Come Marching In

My Patron

All the earlier talk about selecting a family patron for your Heaven Window does not mean to shadow the fact that family members have their own personal patrons.Pulling the world together happens (and healing the home happens) when those who “made it,” lead us to eternal glory. Following how my patron lived for others, I experience how yet another disciple answered Jesus’ command, “Love one another as I loved you” — a real, living Communion of Saints.Baptismal names reveal the identity of our individual Patron Saints.Most days of the Catholic calendar are set aside to commemorate Gospel personalities or historic Saints. As a matter of fact, the original Catholic “birthday” celebrates a Saint’s death, that is their entry or “birth” into heaven. This, earliest of all birthdays, marks their entry into the ageless eternity day of heaven.In the not so distant past, people were named after the Saint, whose feast day fell on or closest to their actual birthday.More over, for decades…

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