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Family Egg Rituals of Poland

Why All This Fuss About Easter Eggs! PolAm Family egg rituals

As the quintessential natural icon of life, the egg joins flowers/branches denoting joy, and the sunrise inspiring hope, as God-made celebrations of Polish Resurrection spirituality. Bonded by ageless families to man-made food: rising breads, sweet pastries, bitter horseradish, and savory smoked meats, become symbols of something more, once touched with the supernatural hand of a priestly blessing. The Polish family Easter table is a most unique and vivifying food and faith festival.
The ancients used eggs to induce, purify and protect. PolAm families strike up rituals not just to surface old pagan beliefs in domestic spirit patrons, but to feast at a Christ-transformed meal welcoming society's forlorn and forgotten, while nourishing body, spirit, and the soul. 
What are some of these sacred Catholic family egg rites?  

BlessingBringing symbolic foods to the Lord's Garden Tomb in church for a priest 's blessing is em…

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