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Polish Male Bonding: Drinking - Singing Brothers

  This year’s extended, month-long Carnevale season (Candlemas, Feb 2 nd to Ash Wednesday, Mar 2, 2022) is an excellent opportunity to approach, what in some circles (especially church religious) can be a misunderstood, easily manipulated, neuralgic issue: drinking alcohol.     The purist US Prohibition movement, sometimes called “teetotalism” (pre-1920s), was led by numerous Christian denominations.   “Temperance” supporters sought absolute de-legalization of all alcohol consumption.   Illegal production became commonplace and criminal activity rose.   My mother, as a child, was paid five cents a gallon to watch the family store’s still.   After ten short years, prohibition created uncontrollably unhealthy drinking habits and was finally repealed in 1933 with the 21 st Constitutional Amendment.     A personal choice to abstain signifies fortitude, as with Sampson (Nm 6:1-21).   Sacred Scriptures also   states wine consumption brings gladness to the human heart (Ps 104:14

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