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Heaven Door Outreach -- VID 15

  An extra place, a broken cup -- VID 15        Catholics often overlook two basic principles of Biblical life.   First, fasting means decreasing (not eliminating) food intake, something which has atrophied into only two days a year: Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. It seems to be a strange math lab-measuring: eating one full meal and two others which together cannot equal a second full meal.   Secondly, fasting is always practiced in relationship to a feast.   Otherwise, fasting on its own, can be more like a weight-loss program than a spiritual exercise.   There are times when our health requires us to lose weight.   Lent, however, is primarily a time to fast before the great feast of the Resurrection.   The Apostles, as recorded in Acts, first experienced the resurrected Jesus during fifty days of eating and drinking Him, a time we now call the Easter Season. Fasting before the Feast does not mean making up for what we will gige up during the forty days of Lent.   It is not “pig

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