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Beads: Global Prayer Tools VID 7

Every culture, religion, and almost every continent has prayer tools; Jewish and Muslim families, as well as Buddhist, Hindu, Christian Orthodox, and Roman Catholics all do.To enter into a spiritual realm, humans need concrete items, which express profound beliefs, deep emotion, drawing quiet insight, into meditation. For some cultures it’s incense, images, lights, creation’s flowers, and symbolic foods.

Beads cross cultures. This realization inspired me to develpo my personal collection of Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Rosaries to include other faiths, as personal prayer tools.But, why beads?Using beads, as a spiritual tool, expresses prayer as a union of soul and body.Prayer which brings together flesh and spirit is more holistic, more human, than mental prayer alone. Touching and holding connected beads bonds us to a reality beyond ourselves, our minds, our cares, our worries, and our ruminations.

Uniting recited or word prayer to physical prayer (for example: beads), we pass beyond …

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